Saturday, June 15, 2013

RentCompass iOS App adds support for lookup by RentCompassID

Finding a place is hard, but luckily RentCompass web and mobile Apps make it easy. When looking for a place, it's common to share a link for the property with friends and family, also helping a friend to look for a place is easy on RentCompass, if you find a property that you would like to share, share RentCompass ID or the web link to the property. Using RentCompass iPhone or iPad App enter RentCompass ID to locate the property. Photos show lookup by RentCompass ID on the iPhone
Photo shows lookup by RentCompass ID on the iPad
You can also click on the web link in the mail app or safari browser, then click open button on the smart banner. RentCompass App will take you directly to the property details screen.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

SoLoMo Presentation at Landlord WebCON

The LandlordWebCON this year was great. We had the chance to speak about mobile at the conference this year, and we had some very interesting information to share. Many people have asked us for the slides, and we are sharing them here: