Tuesday, August 31, 2010

BlogTO likes RentCompass

Erin Bury from BlogTO wrote a review about new ways to search for apartments in Toronto, and she likes a couple of services including RentCompass.

In her review, she liked the comprehensive Google Maps integration on RentCompass and she also liked the resources section.

She also mentioned that RentCompass is the only rental site she has seen with a full suite of free mobile applications.

Check out the full review here

Monday, August 30, 2010

Ashton Kutcher gives Padmapper a boost

Celebrity endorsements have always been great for commercial brands. Ashton Kutcher, is no stranger to giving great endorsements, after all Twitter was given a big boost with his 1 million follower campaign.

Early last week, Kutcher tweeted the following:
"@aplusk Looking for an apartment check out http://padmapper.com and tell me what u think"

With his huge following, of over 5 and a half million followers, a tweeting and re-tweeting frenzy ensued, that lasted days after, everyone was talking about Padmapper.

In fact Padmapper was flooded with so many new visitors that the servers went down despite Padmapper's fairly reliable service.

Later on, we learned that Padmapper did not have much to do with this tweet, so it was an impromptu by Kutcher. Regardless, this certainly had the rental industry buzzing, and for an indie site that does not have a huge financial backing it will certainly give them a major boost, at least in financial terms.

If anything, this little 81 characters of a tweet was much powerful than a TV commercial, generated a lot of buzz than a newspaper article because the echo of the message lasted for days, unlike commercials that people watch them for few seconds and mostly forget about them.

Whether this event is a major game changer in the rental industry, and whether it will last longer than the few days it did is yet to be seen, but we will certainly keep an eye on the situation south of the border.

Friday, August 20, 2010

iphone app update

A new version of our application has been just released. Few fixes and updates were made:
- Improved connection handling, when the application is left dormant in iOS4
- Fixed connection error issues when internet connection goes down.
- Improved multitasking support on iOS4

Feel free to download the latest version of the app and have fun apartment hunting on the go, on your favorite apartment rental iphone app!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Apartment rentals on boards like craigslist

We have all heard of scam listings on boards like Craigslist, Kijiji and other boards that do not require approval before listings go live. It looks like scam artists are now trying to go into monitored boards hoping to slip through without being noticed. Here is a recent attempt of listing, fortunately our approval process is designed to catch scams like this one:

"This property is own by my client late mr terry junk. according to his weal he want me to handle all his properties here in Nigeria and the wons in canada,usa,southafrica.his instruction is to donate 30 persent of the money make from his properties every"

The poster originated from Nigeria, and it looks like he is not hiding that fact! also he is not hiding his poor grammar either :)
We recommend you try to flag postings like these on search boards whenever you find them, since there are many who would fall for these kind of tricks. And you should warn website owners about them in case there is no way to flag such posts.

Stay safe, happy apartment hunting.