Monday, August 30, 2010

Ashton Kutcher gives Padmapper a boost

Celebrity endorsements have always been great for commercial brands. Ashton Kutcher, is no stranger to giving great endorsements, after all Twitter was given a big boost with his 1 million follower campaign.

Early last week, Kutcher tweeted the following:
"@aplusk Looking for an apartment check out and tell me what u think"

With his huge following, of over 5 and a half million followers, a tweeting and re-tweeting frenzy ensued, that lasted days after, everyone was talking about Padmapper.

In fact Padmapper was flooded with so many new visitors that the servers went down despite Padmapper's fairly reliable service.

Later on, we learned that Padmapper did not have much to do with this tweet, so it was an impromptu by Kutcher. Regardless, this certainly had the rental industry buzzing, and for an indie site that does not have a huge financial backing it will certainly give them a major boost, at least in financial terms.

If anything, this little 81 characters of a tweet was much powerful than a TV commercial, generated a lot of buzz than a newspaper article because the echo of the message lasted for days, unlike commercials that people watch them for few seconds and mostly forget about them.

Whether this event is a major game changer in the rental industry, and whether it will last longer than the few days it did is yet to be seen, but we will certainly keep an eye on the situation south of the border.

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