Thursday, September 16, 2010

Canadian Apartment Investment Conference

Yesterday was quite eventful at the Canadian Apartment Investment Conference. We have met quite few interesting people, CEOs, presidents of major property management companies all across Canada as well as many respected figures in the real estate market. The reception was definitely great for our products and we heard rave reviews all across the board from both existing and non-existing customers. In fact at the end of the conference we heard people shouting from across the room, "Who is from RentCompass?" and came across the room to ask us what we offer. Certainly the buzz generated was not to be taken lightly.
It was quite obvious that Landlords love having services at the caliber offered by us that also includes free rental listing and without spending too much effort on it.
We would like to thank all who have given us the thumbs up, and especially our existing customers with their great vote of confidence. We hope to continue to provide excellent service to everyone, and revolutionize the rental industry in Canada.

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