Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Android Tablet support is finally here!

We have just released a new update to the Android app which adds support for Android Tablets. There have been few tablets coming to the market like the Xoom, or Samsung Galaxy, so we decided to give a facelift to our app with enhanced UI for larger screens. We also added few usability enhancements. Besides the minor bug fixes, and Tablet support we have also added a special screen for sending emails so we can streamline the email sending process without having to use the phone's email client. It's now can all be done from within the app, although Android makes cross app integration more user friendly. This feature also helps us track email events for landlords in real time as opposed to having to wait for analytics events uploaded from the device.

So you got a fancy Android tablet? it's now a little easier to find that apartment for rent in Toronto, Ottawa or Calgary apartments you have been looking for. Don't wait till you go home, search on the go.... and of course there is no need to suffer searching on those Android unfriendly websites! Find your rental on Canada's only rentals search app for Android.

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