Tuesday, November 8, 2011

RentCompass Launches its Google Plus Page

Google took a big step toward becoming a social branding channel by launching Google Plus Pages for Business this week. At RentCompass, we do believe in the power of social media and hence we instantly launched our RentCompass Google Plus page to extend our other social media presence that is already on Facebook and Twitter.

Many social media projects have come to challenge Facebook, but most of them did not generate a significant buzz or momentum to create notable networks that can share Facebook's dominance, however; Google's major push to make Google+ an identity management system as well as a social media network, has gained a significant traction which makes it incumbant for all businesses to establish presence on this network. Prior to this week, businesses and brands however were not allowed to have Google+ pages (otherwise they risked being removed or banned from Google services), but Google announcements this Monday resulted in many businesses jumping on the Google+ bandwagon.

Please feel free to drop us a line on this new and exciting platform to connect tenants and landlords.

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