Saturday, June 3, 2017

Fast and Effective Apartment Workouts

Keeping in shape can be a challenge.  After meeting our work and family commitments, our own personal health and well-being, which comes with exercise, tends to take a back seat.  One big hurdle to overcome in the fitness battle is the challenge of getting yourself to the gym on a regular basis.  Whether it is in your building or in your neighbourhood, hitting the gym after a long day at work takes serious commitment—a commitment that sometimes you just don’t have.  However, the demand for “going to the gym” is often the very thing that keeps us from jumping up and getting fit in the here and now.  There are several fast and effective workouts you can do in your own apartment to keep you healthy and fit.

Use Your Own Body

We tend to think of fitness as an equipment heavy enterprise that requires bikes, treadmills, weights, and machines.  Using your own body, weight, and resistance, however, can get you in great shape without all the gear.  Push-ups are a perfect example of this.  This simple—yet extremely challenging—exercise tones and works muscles in your arms, shoulders, chest, and back.  No other single exercise can do as much for you as a push-up and starting with ten a day and then building on that amount, they take no time at all.   Spider lunges are another fantastic way to use your own natural resistance to build muscle.  Begin with a standard push-up formation, and then simply take turns bringing forward and bending each leg so that each foot rests beside each hand.  This exercise works your lower back and legs and builds strength and flexibility.

Get Your Heart Rate Going

Flexibility and muscle training are crucial, but so too is solid cardio-vascular work.  Jumping jacks are perfect on the spot, gym-free cardio exercise.  Jumping jacks allow you to get your heart pounding, blood flowing, and burn fat, and they let you tone and shape your leg, arm, and back muscles.  Another great way to get some more high impact activity in your own home is by doing jumping lunges.  Place one leg forward and bend to the knee while your other leg is extended straight behind you.  From there jump as high as you can and land with your other foot forward, which you can then bend again down to a 90-degree angle in preparation for your next jump.  These lunges build strength, agility, and flexibility all while providing you with a good cardiovascular exercise.

Walk, Bike, Run

One massive benefit of dense, urban living, is that great trails, bike paths, or wonderfully scene-filled sidewalks abound, so you can leave your apartment and get moving.  If you find the process of packing, planning, and commuting to the gym to be daunting enough to keep you firmly planted on the couch, then throw on your runners and take a great city walk or jog; or grab your bike and hit the road.  Walking, biking and running are great ways to get in shape and to explore your city and check out your community at the same time!

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