Thursday, November 2, 2017

How to Put on a Great Fall Party

Fall can often feel like a sad and somber time, but in many ways fall is the best time of year.  With its brisk sunny days, its vibrant colours, and the excitement of change in the air, fall is the perfect time to get together with family and friends.  Whether on your balcony or patio, or nestled snuggly in your living room, a party is the best way to celebrate fall together.

Get Outside

Don’t let the slightly cooler weather deter you—hosting your family and friends outside can make for a truly memorable fall gathering.  To keep the chills at bay, put out some blankets for you guests.  Also, hosting outside allows you to get in one last BBQ as you entertain.  Nothing says fall like grilled seasonal vegetables, sausages, or halloumi, and the flames from the grill add an extra element of cheer to the gathering.  Another great way to offset the crisp air is by providing a nice warm drink.  Hot apple cider or hot chocolate are great for keeping your guests warm as you take in the fall colours. 

Be Seasonal

Whether you are outside or in, decorate your apartment in the colours of the fall. Adorn your table with colourful fall leaves, and select decorations and napkins with fall hues—like pine green, cranberry, mustard yellow, or the classic oranges and browns.  Candles, or a fire—if you are lucky enough to have one in your apartment—also go a long way to warming your guests’ hearts.  The best parties are always interactive, so organizing one or two seasonal games can really take your party to the next level.  If you are outside, consider a game of horseshoes or croquet, or, if indoors, classics like trivial pursuit or charades really get the party going.

Harvest the Bounty

Fall abounds in wonderful seasonal foods, so make food central to your party by using flavours like pumpkin, cranberry, and apple.  Fall is also a great time to break out the slow-cooker.  Put on a vegetable or beef stew or chili to slowly simmer as your guests arrive.  When it is time to eat, guests can serve them-selves with warm baguette or corn bread as the evening unfolds.  If you aren’t a baker grab a pie from your favourite bakery and warm it slowly in your oven, or put out the supplies for smores and allow your guests to make there own.

Don’t let the fall turn you into a shut-in.  By embracing the fresh weather and availing yourself of the season’s produce, gather your friends and family together one last time before the snow and ice makes it that much harder to go out.  

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