Friday, February 9, 2018

How to give a notice to your landlord?

How to give landlord Notice?

To move out of your rental unit you need to notify the landlord that you will be terminating the lease and moving out. The notice time and form is different from province to another in


In Ontario, the noticed is called N9 Tenant's Notice to End the TenancyThe notice should including the following information:
  • Your name and full rental unit address.
  • The exact date you are moving out. 
  • Date and sign the notice.
Click here to download N9 from

The notice is not legal unless you give it to your landlord at the right time and determine your proper move out date. In Ontario, you must give the landlord 60 days notice before you move out. You have by then completed your annual or 1 year lease rent or have already switched to a month to month lease. If you have moved in a rental unit on Jan 1st and wanted to move out after 1 year of the lease is up. You need to notify your landlord by no later than Oct 30 that you will be moving out on Dec 31st.



it is called Notice to End a Periodic Tenancy. So now when do you give this notice and how? For short term weekly rental, you give the landlord one week notice
For monthly or month to month lease you give the landlord 30 days minimum or 1 month notice. 
Example if you rent ends on March 31st you have to give notice on the last day of the prior month Feb 28.

How do you deliver the notice?
- Personally 
- By Fax
- You can't deliver it by email. It has to result in a printed copy on the landlord side.

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