Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Creating the Ultimate Apartment Study Space

With fall in the air and the school year now in full swing, students young and old are cracking the books.  Whether you happen to be a full-time student living on her own for the first time, or a working condo-dweller taking a night course to gain a career advantage, you will need to carve out a space in your living area for studying.  A solid, designated study area gives you the spatial and mental organization you need to stay on top of your studies.  Here are some tips to help you create the ultimate home study space.

Create an Area

The first step to making a great study space is creating a distinct and separate area.  Separating your study space from your everyday living is crucial: it will improve your thinking and your level of engagement as you study, and it will help you to better remember what you have studied later on.  In selecting your area, choose a part of your apartment with natural light (if possible) that gives you enough space to think comfortably.  Once you have a place, make it your own by adding plant life, photographs or pictures that keep you grounded and motivated, and a good lamp to ensure adequate lighting.  The goal is clarity and simplicity, so be selective, and decorate minimally.  Remember your study space should be a single-function area, and used for studying alone, so pick an area removed from the hustle and bustle of your apartment.

Create Order

When you are studying organization is key.  You want your study area to be completely devoid of clutter and distraction.  So, have your supplies neatly organized and easily accessible—with pens, pencils, rulers, and calculators stowed in an orderly manner.  This organization should extend to your courses as well.  Sort and store each course by coloured folder, which you can store and retrieve from an inbox.  With your work and supplies neatly arranged, you can post either a calendar or corkboard above your study area, so as to clearly list any assignments, test dates, or deadlines.

Create Clarity

With a properly organized, distinct and separate study area, you give yourself the clarity and focus you need to study effectively.  Once you are studying, be sure to remove and turn off any and all distractions including phones, wifi, and loud or disruptive music.  If you have a hard time getting focused, then start slow: set a timer for 15 minutes to allow you to commit yourself to focused, undistracted study time.  Once you master 15 minute sessions, make the times longer.  Remember, studying is challenging, so make your study area an oasis of clarity within your busy life and busy apartment.

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