Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Simple Tricks to Soundproof Your Pad

Living in an apartment or condo can be downright loud.  The density of apartment living offers a bustling vibrancy, but it can also bring a lot of unwanted noise.   Whether it’s a neighbor down the hall who watches movies at deafening levels, or the wailing of sirens outside, or the chattering of voices from the hallway or the sidewalk below, noise is part and parcel of denser living.  However, there are ways you can prevent the noise from getting in, and keep the noise you make, from getting out.

Keep the Noise Out

By adding some additional blockage to your doors and windows you can greatly reduce the amount of ambient noise that drifts into your unit.  Door sweeps—rubber seals that easily fasten on to the bottom of doors—are an excellent way to prevent the conversations and echoing footsteps of a busy hallway from flowing into your apartment.  Door sweeps provide the added bonus of keeping drafts and roaming insects out as well.  Another way to keep out the noise is by adding thick curtains in front of windows, sliding doors, and front doors.  Thick curtains muffle sound, but they also keep your apartment nice and warm in the colder months, and provide a stylish and dramatic flare to your living space.

Muffle the Noise Within

Noise can be greatly increased by the acoustics of your apartment, as well.  This is especially the case in newer buildings where open concept apartments with high ceilings really allow noise to bounce off the ceiling, floor, and walls.  You can significantly diminish this echoing by adding rugs and carpets to your apartment.  The effectiveness of rugs can be improved further by inserting rug pads underneath them.  Not only do the pads keep your rugs from sliding all over the place, their thickness muffles sound as well.  Another option is to hang rugs or carpets on your walls.  Some rugs are too beautiful to simply go underfoot, and by showcasing their design on the wall you greatly decrease the echoing of internal apartment noise.  Also, consider placing a wall length bookcase against any walls that are thin and noise-porous.  Nothing stifles unwanted sound like books, and you get some much needed storage space as well.

Go Pro

If you are less interested in the DIY approach there are also numerous noise-canceling products available to buy.  Items like complete window inserts, sound-proof panels for walls and ceilings, and acoustic window/door blankets and sealing kits are all solid solutions to cutting down the noise in your apartment.  If you do plan on going with a more installation-heavy approach, be sure you check with the property owner first. 

By taking a few small steps to stop the flow of outside noise, and to soften and neutralize the noise inside your unit, you can have all the benefits of urban density without all of the racket.

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