Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Giving your Apartment a (Non-Permanent) Facelift

As more and more people are renting on an increasingly permanent basis, they are finding themselves in a home-improvement bind: how do they update or renovate their units, when they do not own the property?  Renters in their third or fourth year of their lease might find they want to make some changes, but it is often difficult to justify the cost, and the effort, of making improvements to a rental property.  While all maintenance issues should, of course, be communicated to the property owner, here are some more cosmetic, and non-permanent, changes you can make to your apartment that will breath new life into your home. 

Temporary Wallpaper and Wall Decals

After a few years into your lease, you might find yourself staring at the walls, so why not change them!  Temporary wallpaper—wallpaper that easily affixes to wall surfaces and peels off without damage—is a wonderful way to do this.  Temporary wallpaper allows you to brighten a room, to give a room texture, or to add some plain old variety to your white-walled unit.  If temporary wallpaper is a little too much for your tastes, consider adding some temporary adhesive wall decals.  Wall decals are widely available, and easily peel on and off all surfaces, and they bring an unexpected and unique flavour to your apartment.  These are especially great for redoing or upgrading a child’s room.  Decals of trees, animals, stars, or castles bring an imaginary and creative element to your child’s room.

Add Some Faux-Finishing Touches

If you adore the bones and the layout of your apartment, but feel like your space is missing that more modern feel, there are some wonderful, non-permanent additions you can make.  Try using click-decking squares to convert dirty, weathered balconies or terraces into sleek, polished outdoor spaces.  You might also find the rich wood of click-decking squares to be just the thing to cover up bathroom or kitchen linoleum that is not to your taste.  You can also breath new life into your kitchen by “installing” non-permanent countertops and backsplashes.  Convert an old and ugly counter into something modern and crisp, by using Instant Granite counter covers, which adhere to any surface, and are easily removed.  If you find the tiling, paint, or paper in your kitchen to be a little passé, consider adding a removable stainless-steel backsplash.  This small, non-permanent touch gives your kitchen a more modern, brighter, and sleeker feel, and you can take it with you when you go.  

Remember, property owners are always looking to improve and invest in their properties, so keep a clear line of communication open with them when it comes to home improvement.  However, there are many small and impermanent things you can do on your own, to give your apartment the upgrade it deserves, and to give you the home want—even if it is only temporary.

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