Friday, March 2, 2018

Simple Design Ideas to Personalize Your Apartment

It is easy to lose track of your own, individual style when decorating your apartment.  With all the ready-made home furnishing solutions available today, you can decorate your space with ease and affordability, but you run the risk of losing your own uniqueness in the process.  Despite this, personalizing your apartment does not need to be a challenging or expensive process—all it takes is a little creativity and the ability to keep in touch with yourself.  Here are a few tips to allow you to retain your own personal style as you design and decorate your apartment.

Think Beyond the Big Box Store

The big stores have so many affordable and convenient options for home furnishings and décor, and they will invariably be part of your design, but do your best to accent and offset those more common items with some rare and unique finds.  Thrift and second-hand stores let you add more offbeat, character-heavy items to your apartment, at very affordable prices.  Vintage lamps, or bowls, old paintings or signs, or old maps, tapestries, or mirrors are all wonderful ways to let your own sense of style complement your more functional and generic furnishings.  If vintage or kitsch is not your thing, try accenting your apartment with plants, curtains, and rugs.  Small touches like these allow you to project your own personality onto your space.

Put Yourself on Display

It is easy to forget that you have done a lot in your life.  By placing objects and artifacts of your interests and experiences on display, you imprint your own mark on your space.  For instance, framed band or concert posters, or framed record covers, help you reveal your musical interests; or, an old pair of skis, an old bike, some skateboard decks, or some framed jerseys mounted on your wall, help show your love for a particular hobby or sport.  Another way to let yourself shine through in your décor is by incorporating one signature piece of furniture from your past.  Whether it is an old easy chair, grandfather clock, painting, or a kitchen table from your parents’ house, by integrating something from your past into your more modern design you project a clear vision of who you are, and where you come from.

Let Your Work-Life Shine
As more and more of us work from home we find ourselves in need of a viable, functional, and efficient space to work.  Rather than hiding your work away, build your work-life into the very aesthetic of your apartment.  Your job is a large part of who you are, and by showcasing this aspect of your life—by incorporating it into the design and flow of your space—you leave a clear stamp of yourself in your apartment’s appearance.  Incorporate a workstation, a large memo or blackboard, or a work library and comfortable chair into the flow of your unit, to harmonize your work-life with your home-life, and to allow your space to reflect who you are and what you do.

It is easy to get lost in the design shuffle, but by incorporating your own life, your past, your work, and your style along with the more basic and affordable furnishings you need day to day, you can be sure that your own sense of style will be front and centre.

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