Thursday, April 5, 2018

How to Brighten Up Your Basement Apartment

Basement apartments might have had a bad rap in the past, but these days they are a wonderful and affordable option for people who want a little more space in a slightly more central location.  Despite this, basement apartments bring their own unique challenges, and can often appear dark and confined.  Here are some ways you can enhance and brighten up your basement apartment.

Let there be Light

Most basement apartments suffer from a simple lack of light.  You can combat this gloominess, first of all, by amplifying the light you do get.  Enhance natural light by ensuring there are no obstructions, like bushes, shrubs, or garbage bins, blocking your windows.  Continue this inside your apartment as well, by making sure your windows are free from hindrances like thick curtains or decorative objects.  In addition to maximizing your natural light, you can brighten your apartment by strategically lighting your space with lamps.  Placing high lamps in the corners of your apartment raises the eye from floor to ceiling, and ensures no precious space is lost in dark corners. 

Clean Lines and Minimal D├ęcor

Another great way to brighten your apartment is through a de-cluttered design scheme.  While you want your apartment to feel homey and lived-in, too many furnishings can leave your space feeling cramped, crowded, and dark, so be selective in your choices.  Maintaining a simpler, more minimal look, and keeping your everyday objects tucked away in closed cupboards and closets (as best you can), does wonders to enhance and amplify space in small, confined areas.  This goes for the walls too.  If you can limit the colour of your walls to the whites, you can make your space feel roomier, warmer, and more tied together.

Plants, Mirrors, and Candles

Plants can be a lifesaver when it comes to brightening up a basement apartment; however, too many plants can have the reverse effect.  Choose a select number of striking plants and place them near your natural light to breathe new life into your apartment.  Just remember to opt for plants that do better in dimly lit, or shady environments, like bamboo.  Mirrors also do wonders to brighten up spaces.  A few nicely framed mirrors positioned opposite to your natural light source will amplify your light, give the appearance of space, and brighten your space.  Finally, instead of adorning your apartment with clunky knickknacks try decorating with sleeker candles that work to draw the eye upwards.  Candles and candleholders are an affordable way to bring light and sophistication to your space.

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