Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Why You Need Plants in Your Apartment

Study after study shows that regular exposure to nature has tremendous benefits for both physical and mental health.  Despite this, renting in a densely populated, urban locale can make getting away from the concrete jungle downright difficult.  By keeping plants in your apartment, you can reap the rewards of being immersed in nature without leaving home.      

Hardworking Décor

Not only do plants liven up your apartment, they are hard at work while they do so!  Plants work as air purifiers cleaning your apartment of the airborne toxins found in many household objects, cleaners, solvents, and paints.  By filtering out chemicals like benzene and formaldehyde, plants keep your air clean and look great in the process.  Plants also raise the humidity levels of your apartment in the moisture they release as vapour.  This moisture can be indispensible if you have a dry upper level apartment, and it goes a long way to preventing respiratory problems, sore throats, and dry coughs.  

Health and Wellbeing

Plants are good for you, both physically and psychologically.  Plant life in your living and working space reduces blood pressure, lowers heart rates, and improves respiration.  Living with plants effectively soothes and regulates your body, by keeping your cardiovascular and respiratory systems running smoothly.  The physical wellbeing bestowed by plants also has psychological benefits.  Plants have been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, and to contribute to productivity and a general sense of optimism.  One way plants accomplish this is by improving the depth and duration of your sleep.  Plants, like jasmine, aloe vera, and lavender, soothe the body, dissipate stress, and increase the quality of your sleep.  Not only do plants help prevent sickness, they assist in your recovery—studies have shown that patients surrounded by plant life or gardens recover more rapidly.

Décor you can Love (and Eat!)

Plants bring energy and colour to your apartment’s décor, and can really breathe life into the ambiance and atmosphere of your living space.  Dark corners can be reclaimed with larger-sized, planter plants, and you can brighten up and accent your window spaces with smaller potted plants, or with decorative planters containing multiple plants.  Not only do plants look good, they also give you free food!  Growing vegetables, herbs, and even fruit, in a mini-indoor kitchen garden brings vibrant colours to your space, ensures healthy eating, and lowers your grocery bill.  Tomatoes, carrots, smaller varieties of potato, avocados, herbs, and lemons, are all hearty plants ideal for small, indoor gardens. 

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